When famine struck this sleepy town, desperation became synonymous with breathing. The Brown family discovered success and wealth when they invented a special type of fertilizer to make their crops grow. Kidnapping and killing local passerby’s and drifters and using their body parts to enrich their land. They depended on amenity, but when their own daughter betrayed the family secret, the Brown’s were forced to take a more violent approach to ensure their survival. Guarded by the fortress known as the Brown Compound, they have unleashed a bloody massacre on any that stands in their way. And if anyone wonders into The Compound, either out of bravery or foolishness, you will find yourself trapped within an intricate maze designed to lead you to the slaughter. With only the light of the moon to guide you, can you escape the clutches of the Brown’s or will you too become food for the crows?


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Luke 5:31-32