On the outskirts of Castlemoore, there was a small village. One resident, a child named Nathaniel Kane loved the wonderful sweets and treats his elder sister, the town baker, made for him. Since he was shy and tame in nature the local bullies harassed him. One Halloween they took him into the woods to a big tree and told him if he hugged it tight, he would get all the sweets he could handle. As he hugged it they tied him to the tree and stole his candy. The next morning the town was in chaos over the missing child. The bullies finally lead the town constable and family to the tree but all they saw were the fallen ropes and a shadow of what appeared to be a small child imprinted on the tree with candy wrappers scattered on the ground. From then on, the tree became known as The Candy Tree and every Halloween a heavy shadow loomed over the town. Children would come up missing and candy wrappers littered the ground they walked on. Legend has it that a mysterious shadow creature named Kane returns to The Candy Tree to hunt and eat trick or treaters that dare to venture near. How close will you dare to roam to The Candy Tree?


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Luke 5:31-32