The Schwartz Family Funeral Home has a few new tenets residing in its dark halls. A gang of misfits led by their schizophrenic master, Poppy, moved in soon after the funeral home was forced to shut down. Poppy considers herself an artist of grand proportions and the quiet and stillness of the empty funeral home is the perfect setting to throw herself into her work. She is fascinated with the theatre and puppetry, more specifically creating marionettes as life like as possible…perhaps a little too life like. She has decided to put on her next show detailing the tragedy of Sir Henry with the help of her crew. But Poppy has a love for the macabre and is obsessed with creating the most realistic puppets as possible. She began using the left-over body parts of the funeral home to build her creations, even digging up graves. But soon, that wasn’t enough to satisfy her artistic craving and she needed a new method to flesh out her vision. Poppy and her crew turned to snatching unsuspecting guests at their shows to mold into live puppets. Will you escape the show or become one of her puppets?


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Luke 5:31-32