Countdown to Opening Night!

Luke 5:31-32

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It is late 1929 and the Schwartz Family Funeral Home is a bustle of activity much like it used to be. Back in the late 1800s, Charles Schwartz, along with his wife and many children, turned the family mansion into a Funeral Home. All was well until the infamous day that Charles' wife and several children all, but two, tragically perished under mysterious circumstances. The remaining 2 children were taken away by the state and put into an orphanage. The business slowly declined as well as Charles himself. As he struggled to keep the business afloat, stories about the funeral home being haunted kept customers at bay. Those that came to grieve their loved ones found themselves terrified by the eerie sightings and encounters with ghostly figures. Some claimed to have heard children laughing and playing when there wasn't any around. Some claimed to hear the sound of small bells ringing in the graveyard when there was no wind. There were rumors that Charles himself had killed his family, earning him the nickname of "The Reaper". Business had almost dried up and Mr. Schwartz was on the verge of being shut down due to his "loosened" practices. Until, an opportunity arose to redeem the funeral home: the death of Sir Henry's Bride. This high-profile funeral was exactly the kind of publicity Charles needed. If he can convince the public and the inspectors that he is still capable, the funeral home will remain open. But will the haunting of the past be too much for The Reaper to bear?