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Sir Henry's Haunted Trail is an outdoor haunted attraction located in Plant City in the heart of Central Florida between Tampa and Orlando. Founded in 2014, the 501(c)3 operates as a Halloween haunt, as well as holding haunted mazes for fans to visit during the Christmas and Valentine's Day seasons. The I4 Fear Park has celebrated a storied past, with many prior seasons covering many different stories, as well as having a book series based on our characters. 

We feature multiple interactive horror trails, escape games, and laser tag and NEW for 2023 a haunted hayride. We also offer roaming scare actors, axe throwing, delicious food vendors, and diverse merchandise. We have proudly served as a filming location for the WWE, South Ridge Films, and Black Dog Filmz.

All customers can enjoy free parking and a uniquely immersive experience with our hand-built haunted houses. For guests' comfort, we recommend wearing closed toe shoes that you do not mind getting dirty, bug spray, and rain protection gear (umbrella, rain coat, or poncho).

We make numerous donations throughout the year to various causes and when you buy a ticket from us, your money is funneled back into creating new and amazing experiences, season after season. Purchase tickets, or get in touch with us on social media. We can't wait to scare you soon...


2837 South Frontage Road, Plant City, FL 33566

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Look for #sirhenryshauntedtrail on TikTok, Instagram & Twitter to see posts from our fans!

Backstory on the Bible Verses in the haunt pamphlets and in the tail-end of each book:
Fan question from Tyler B.: "I discovered Sir Henry's for the first time this year after moving to Florida, and I noticed when I picked up a piece of paper from the event that there was a Bible verse attached to the description of each trail. Can you talk about how you incorporate that into the business and creative sides of the haunt?"

Zach: "That's an interesting question. No shame here - my faith is a huge thing in everything that I do. I just happen to be Christian, and I know there's probably stereotypes and whatever that comes with that. But there's no denying that I am a Christian. That is what I believe in, and I do build my faith into the design of the event. I have since the beginning. If you visit the website, you'll notice there is a Bible verse at the bottom, and that's kind of a motivational, inspirational thing for me. But each year, I do a symbiolic tie-in to each trail story back to a Bible verse in correlation. This is not any kind of thing where it's like HEY, HERE'S A BIBLE AND I'M GONNA BEAT YOU OVER THE HEAD WITH IT! It's art, and I feel like a lot of people, a lot of Christians specifically, don't fully understand the correlation between art and their faith. That is something that frustrates me and I wanted to make sure I did what I could to change that stereotype, if you will. If you think that's cool? Great! If you don't care? Great! Whatever. It is nothing in your face - it's there if you want to know more about it, and that's all it is." 



Sir Henry's Haunted Trail is proud to benefit Folds of Honor.


*Event dates and details subject to change and/or cancellation without prior notice. Protective face coverings are recommended but not required for guests to ensure everyone’s safety. Costumes or full-face coverings are not allowed.

WARNING: Entering Sir Henry's Haunted Trail entails known and unanticipated risks that may result in physical and emotional injury. Risks may include: slipping, falling, collision with fixed objects or other participants, bruises, twists, sprains, breaks, seizures, and possibly death. It is recommended that you DO NOT ENTER this attraction if you suffer from asthma, heart conditions, are prone to seizures, physical ailments, have respiratory limitations, are pregnant, have an illness that can be spread to others, or have mental illnesses including PTSD and claustrophobia. By reading this warning, you understand that such risks are to be expected when entering any haunted attraction, including Sir Henry's Haunted Trail. These risks cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of this activity. By purchasing a ticket to Sir Henry's Haunted Trail, it is expressly understood that you have been made aware of these risks and you agree to assume all the risks existing in this activity. Your participation is purely voluntary and you elect to participate in spite of the risks. We reserve the right to eject or refuse admission to any person whose conduct is objectionable. Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee that you will be able to experience all of the offerings in one evening - it is recommended that guests come early or purchase a Front of the Line pass to get the most out of their experience. No refunds on tickets and no reselling of tickets is permitted. Reach out via our Contact Form to customer service to move your date/time slot to another date/time slot, and we will be happy to accommodate as best we can. Check our FAQ section for more guidelines about our haunted attraction. 

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