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Boggy Meadow is a mysterious place - especially that spot in the Western Woods that many speak of in hushed tones. There was once a showman called Sir Henry, the keeper of the local freak show. Three years after his death, locals have reported activity on the old property and peculiar flyers spreading around the town center. Residents and brave tourists alike did not account for such an eerie surprise...   


Detailing the origin stories of beloved characters such as Poppy, Vex, Pyrum, Kane, and Sir Henry himself, "Sir Henry's Haunted Tales" is a landmark fictional novel based on the universe of a haunted attraction! Published in 2021, the anthology by Amanda Rosenblatt & Brad Acevedo gives fans a look into how these icons came to be. With historical settings, lush descriptions and chills at every turn, these stories are sure to haunt you long after Halloween has ended. 







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