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Sir Henry Summer Camp 2024


  • July 15th - 19th

  • 10AM - 2:30PM (no overnight care or transportation provided) 

  • Ages 12-17* 

  • Location: Sky Zone Lakeland - FKA Defy (located in the 2 party rooms) 

  • Cost $80/student = $16/day (spots are very limited - food included)


Welcome to Sir Henry's first ever summer skills camp! We have been wanting to provide central Florida youths who are interested in haunted attractions with the opportunity to learn from us and our network of professionals. Our goal is to help them cultivate their creativity and learn about what could be a potential career in this continuously growing field.

Benefits: This experience will not only cover an introduction to the haunt industry, but it will teach your child how to work in diverse groups, how to communicate complex concepts, how to create with their hands, and nurture long lasting friendships for them. The camp could also be a great pathway into a future apprenticeship, or inspire your child to pursue the theme park industry, and it can be the subject for a school report about interesting Summer activities. 

Each day will be broken up into individual courses focused on different aspects of the industry. We will be bringing in keynote speakers to educate on these topics. Students will have the opportunity to take this obtained knowledge, and practice hands-on experience through creating props, costumes, SPFX makeup, and more.


Anything made or given to the children during camp are souvenirs that can be brought home with them as a keepsake. Participants who wish to continue the Sir Henry's experience can ask their parents to inquire once camp is over how to volunteer for our haunt in the Fall and Winter months! 

We will break students up into teams, where they will create and design their own haunted attraction on a model scale. They will then present to the class their attraction while detailing all of the elements and design choices they have made.


Below is a daily breakdown of activities

Monday: Intros, Form Teams, Scare Acting (Guest Speaker - WWE's Byron Saxton)

  • Take-home: shaker can props, etc.

Tuesday: Scenic Set Design & Construction (Guest Speaker - TBA)

  • Take-home: scenic panel demo 

Wednesday: Costuming (Guest Speaker - TBA)

  • Take-home: zombie corpse costume piece

Thursday: Makeup & Special FX (Guest Speaker - Jason Thomas)

  • Take-home: prosthetic or demo makeup

Friday: Lighting, Sound & Tech (Guest Speaker - TBA) 

  • Take-home: Pin lights and team award

End of Week: Groups will have a 3D model of the layout of their haunt, with examples of lighting, sound, costumes, SPFX, and more that they will present to the class.

Lunch and beverages will be provided each day of the camp. A full menu will be sent out before camp so other arrangements can be made to suit any dietary needs or food allergies. 

We will conclude the week by offering a lights-on tour of Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail on Friday night, 7/19. We welcome the families of the children to participate in this closing ceremony, and to take part in the fun! 


A signed agreement and waiver is required to be filled out and provided to the staff of the Summer Camp at day 1 check in. Please fill out the following completed, printed and signed summer camp application - we will not have printers at camp check in and cannot accept digital applications. Thank you! 

*July 1st, 2012 is the latest date of birth accepted and July 1st, 2007 is the earliest date of birth accepted. All dates of birth between this set of dates is acceptable for completing the application. Please provide the child's DOB and not the parent/guardian's DOB when completing the form.

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