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Robert and William Worthington owned the lucrative Worthington Toy Company. They could never see eye to eye on how to share the profits. On Christmas Eve Night, the brothers had a heated discussion that soon turned into an all out brawl. Robert in a moment of greed and impulsivity killed his younger brother and made it look like an accident. He closed down all the charitable organizations that William had been giving to, even leaving his wife and children destitute. Now, many years later, it's Christmas Eve night. Everyone in the town is invited to Robert Worthington's Christmas party. Although, to everyone it looks like Robert has the perfect life, little do they know that he barricades himself in his cellar every Christmas Eve night. For he is visited by the ghost of his brother and all those he has wronged. So while his guests are filled with joy and merriment, Robert is alone with only ghosts and his guilt to keep him company. Waiting for the day his life would finally end.