The cry of the sirens are deafening as they lure the ships that sail the mighty seas. Many men have lost their lives to these enchanting beauties. There is a legend that one of these beauties was accidently trapped near the Old lighthouse. Going by the name Abigail, she fell in love with a young Captain named William Jonah and decided to stay on the land. But their love was ill-fated as Captain Jonah and his crew went out one last time for a bountiful catch but a turbulent storm drowned the ship and they never returned. Abigail waited at the lighthouse watching for her lover, after sometime her lifeless body was found floating at the base of the rocks by the lighthouse. Even though her life is gone some say they can still see and hear her as she calls out to her beloved captain. Now, on the anniversary of her death, Abigail calls together her siren sisters and they join her in a call that rings in death. Every year, hundreds of ships and sailors meet their violent end due to the enchanting voices. Tonight, on the eve of her death anniversary, will you be lured in by Abigail and her band of sirens before the captain returns?