Sarah Devereux and Maxwell Smith's impending wedding is the "Event of the Season" according to all the papers. Maxwell being the most eligible bachelor in town and Sarah being the daughter of the wealthiest merchant in town, they have been dubbed the perfect couple. On the day of the wedding, Sarah and her bridesmaids arrive at the reception hall, excited and chattering. They walk into a private room and find Maxwell with another woman! Shocked and heartbroken, Sarah wept as she tried to understand the sight before her. Maxwell laughed and taunted her, explaining that the whole wedding was his family's idea to elevate their status, he never actually wanted to marry her. In the midst of Maxwell's laughs, something inside of Sarah snapped. She broke the glass of the emergency hatch and grabbed an ax. Before anyone could stop her, she swung the ax at Maxwell and decapitated him in one single stroke then hacked his body and his lover's body into pieces. Now, she would have her revenge on all those who had wronged her. Sarah and her bridesmaids walked into the reception hall, each adorned with their own weapon. She raised her ax and let out a blood curdling scream, with that chaos erupted in the hall, guests began to run around  frantically to escape the vengeful crew, bodies in pieces, blood everywhere. Will you get caught in the crossfires of Sarah's Blood Wedding?