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Sir Henry's Podcast

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Welcome to Sir Henry's Haunted Podcast, Season 1! Here is a brief overview of our Sir Henry's podcast episodes and why we feel you would enjoy listening in.

This haunted attractions podcast focuses on our corner of the spooky attractions niche and how we make our Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day haunted trails. We will have a separate episode focused on the interview with our book authors and our Sir Henry's book series.

The main hosts of this show, while there are often some great guests for each session, are trail owner Zach Glaros and executive producer Calvin Hogan. Thank you to Backpocket Studios for a great setting in which to record!

Episode 1 is put best by this quote from Zach: "We wanted to have a platform where we could talk to you guys - our fans, our listeners. Whether you're in Plant City FL or out in Oregon...we wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look into the planning, the construction, and the camaraderie to all things Sir Henry."


In Episode 2, we spoke about the Home Haunt days, or our "black plastic beginnings." Stories about the first ever front yard set up in front of the home of Zach's parents, to roaming the racks of Goodwill for haunt wardrobe. The stories are funny and will give fans an appreciation of Sir Henry's beginnings.

Zach: "Where this all began was at my parents' house in their front yard. I grew up loving Halloween - still do, obviously. My birthday is right before, about two days before 2009, I started getting more serious about it."

For Episode 3, we spoke about our trails for our 9th season (not to be confused with our 8th year of being open). The stories and behind-the-scenes info on the trails for Fall of 2022 focused on Final Cut, Headless, and Rapture of the Deep.

Calvin: "I'm gonna start us off on a little bit of a somber note...There comes a point in everyone's career where you reflect on your mistakes, but you learn from them and you grow from them. We're no exception, so that's why I'm gonna introduce the SHOUTOUT swear jar, because quite frankly, we said SHOUTOUT way too many times the last few episodes!"

Episode 4 was quite a blast from the past, as we reviewed the first year we "went pro" and opened as a ticket taking attraction to the public, in 2014. Very humble beginnings, in which the first two years, the story writing process for the trails was fine-tuned to what it is today.

Calvin: "We have added 'fun fact' to our SHOUTOUT swear jar...all proceeds go to new fog machines."

For Episode 5, we spoke about the common area offerings for the Fall 2022 season. Other than the food, escape games, and merchandise, we spoke about two special items. We discussed new artwork from Jack Bickell featured on our mugs, pins and playing cards. We also looked at the second book in our series, "Sir Henry: Love's Revenge," from our authors Amanda Rosenblatt and Brad Acevedo, which had been released a few weeks prior on Amazon. We also mentioned that the cover art for this book was done by Sky Lombard.

Zach on the change-up of common area characters for Fall 2022: "It will be different, but at the same time, we will still have that unique Sir Henry's trademark of personality. While you may not see your Vex, or your Pyrum, or your talking or bantering, you will still have that, just with other characters. Brand new characters that are coming to life."

One of our favorites so far is Episodes 6, in which we talk about our legacy characters. Specifically, Mister Peebles, Vex, the Bride, Beatrice the Witch, and more were reviewed in this historically-rich session.

Calvin on The Storyteller's role in Book 2 of the Sir Henry's book series: "It's good to have a character that's almost like the narrator - the bird's eye view."

Episode 7 was our return after cleaning up from damage due to Hurricane Ian, which forced us to move our opening night to Saturday October 1st, but we opened up on Sunday the 2nd to make it up to fans. This episode also served as a Q&A session, where we answered questions from fans - make sure to listen back to see if one of yours was mentioned!

We have many more episodes that have since been posted, so make sure you check them out on the following platforms:



WARNING: Entering Sir Henry's Haunted Trail entails known and unanticipated risks that may result in physical and emotional injury. Risks may include: slipping, falling, collision with fixed objects or other participants, bruises, twists, sprains, breaks, seizures, and possibly death. DO NOT ENTER this attraction if you suffer from asthma, heart conditions, are prone to seizures, physical ailments, have respiratory or any type of medical problem, are pregnant, or suffer any form of mental disease, including claustrophobia. By reading this warning, you understand that such risks are to be expected when entering any haunted attraction, including Sir Henry's Haunted Trail. These risks cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of this activity. By purchasing a ticket to Sir Henry's Haunted Trail, it is expressly understood that you have been made aware of these risks and you agree to assume all the risks existing in this activity. Your participation is purely voluntary and you elect to participate in spite of the risks. We reserve the right to eject or refuse admission to any person whose conduct is objectionable. Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee that you will be able to experience all of the offerings in one evening - it is recommended that guests come early or purchase a Front of the Line pass to get the most out of their experience. No refunds on tickets and no reselling of tickets is permitted. Reach out to customer service to move your date/time slot to another date/time slot, and we will be happy to accommodate as best we can. 

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